Pigment for dyeing

Pigment for dyeing

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Pigment for dyeing

Dyefix series is the AVCOchem range of pigments suitable for Pigment dyeing.

Pigment dyeing is not really dyeing" in its truest form. Pigments are insoluble in water. They are milled into a paste for garment dyeing purposes. When anionic dispersing agents are added, a slightly negative charge is present. The process is complete when a binder is added to "lock" the pigment into place.

Pigments are generally used for light to medium dyeing for fully fashioned garments and for indoor cloth such as wall covering, furniture, table cloth and bed sheets…

Pigments are also used to achieve dark shades for outdoor fabrics like tents, stores, awnings…

Fibre glass and non-woven are also coloured by pigments.

The process is attractive when dyeing cotton/ synthetics fabrics in a single phase.

The market demand is split into two:

  1. High quality fastness requirements 
  2. « Délavé » look garments where fastness’s are less important

The pigments for dyeing can be processed either by exhaustion or by padding